The Portland AcroYoga community is one of the fastest growing in the world.  We have a very dedicated group of AcroYogis who help support its growth by hosting weekly jams and classes.  If you are brand new to AcroYoga or more experienced you will find many people to connect with and plenty of opportunities to deepen your practice.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of this rapid expansion over the past few years!!!!

Classes are taught all around Portland now by Serena, James, Diamond Mike, Chad & Jess, and Jacob.   Om Movement Studio is one “home” of AcroYoga in Portland.   As a community we purchased real gymnastic roll out padded mats in May of 2012 and now offer a fully padded floor to play on.   This makes your experience more safe and fun!

Come fly with us……………

Also check out our Facebook pages:
AcroYoga PDX
The OM AcroJam

All classes listed on this page are taught by certified AcroYoga™ teachers.  

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