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Your Local Portland AcroYoga Instructors

James Sitzer

“James “Ta-Dao!” Sitzer is an artist, graphic designer, photographer and AcroYoga teacher based in Portland, Oregon. He’s been practicing AcroYoga since September 2011, and has been teaching since he was certified by AcroYoga.org on his 3rd Acroversary in 2014. He has performed and taught Acro Yoga at Whistler Wanderlust, Michael Franti’s 2014 Soulshine Tour, the Divine Play Acro Yoga festival, and performed with the Tempos contemporary circus troupe. James set the record for fewest number of days (14) between becoming an Acro Yoga teacher and teaching workshops at the Divine Play festival. His Acro Yoga-inspired designs can be found at www.redbubble.com/people/spreadtheweird/collections/245221-ta-dao . He currently leads three weekly AcroYoga events, as well as a monthly regional acro jam in the Spring/Fall/Winter months. “

Serena Scaglione 

Serena is a certified AcroYoga Instructor/Licensed Massage Therapist that has been teaching AcroYoga in Portland for the last 3 years. Bee Tsuchen became her amazing co-teacher and together they are a powerful duo! They bring the perfect balance of softness and strength to the classroom and offer an inclusive environment where everyone of all levels, age, race and gender are welcome and invited to play together under the same roof! They are both very skilled in communication and break down each AcroYoga pose and transition in a way that everyone can understand. Their classes focus on fun, community building, laughter and PLAY! Serena and Bee also provide a high quality puzzle mat floor, as well as teach attentive spotting in their classes so everyone can try new things and play safely with each other. They are considerate loving teachers and you will really enjoy being in their presence. They invite you to let go, try something new and come play!
Rachel Plies
Rachel loves teaching students how to find both strength and ease in AcroYoga. She has been a part of the AcroYoga community in Portland since 2009 and teaching since 2012. As a yoga teacher and Integrated Movement Therapist, she sees Acro as another powerful tool to self awareness and communication. She loves all the parts of AcroYoga but especially strong flyer transitions and hand to hand. www.rachelplies.com
Jacob Handwerker
Jacob Handwerker is an AcroYoga teacher, Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and Vipassana meditator. “I love helping people do things they think are impossible.” Jacob brings a gentle and benevolent presence to everything he does.
Ian LeMasters 

Ian LeMasters was introduced to the joys of AcroYoga when a friend brought the practice to his Texas town in the Spring of 2013. Working in conjunction with his traditional Yoga practice, Ian and a small group of local AcroYogis quickly assimilated any and all learning materials available on the internet teaching themselves from the ground up. Ian completed an Acroyoga Teacher training under Daniel Scott in 2016, a.k.a. The Yoga of Trust. Ian and his Yoga of Trust certified co-teacher, Paul Hogan, has taught numerous workshops throughout Texas and Portland and has performed at the Houston Free Press concert, Houston Pride festival, and street and art fairs in Beaumont Texas. Ian is also a local Vinyasa-based Asana teacher with a practice that aims to find the connection of Mind, Body and Breath while exploring the joy of being present in motion and offers a teaching style that emphasizes the power of human connection with a personal motto: “To show how healing the art of play can be when done through a space of mindful connection”. Find Ian on Instagram at  https://www.instagram.com/ianlemasters_yoga/  and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Ianlemastersyoga/ 

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